About Us

Ayesha Butt, founder of Euphoria has been practicing the Art of Beauty for years. She has had the ability, opportunity, and time to invest in understanding the art of practicing Henna since 2003. Not long after that, she joined The School of Professional Make-up Art, to pursue her true passion as a career. She has had the pleasure of enhancing the tricks and trades of Make-up and hair working in the Suhaag Fashion Show with Amplified Soul Hair and Make-up Couture from 2010- 2012, Fresh Inc Mehndi, Sonam Dudeja from Doll me up (formally known as Fuxions), Xceptions Studios, Smirnoff Canada, and many more. After finishing her Undergraduate degree in Sociology at York University in 2014; Ayesha went to further educate herself in learning about hair. She enrolled at FIORIO Beauty Academy. Along with working there shortly after graduation, she has independently worked on a 30 Days of Beauty project with FIORIO.

Having the opportunity of working with such successful and talented companies has encouraged her to further utilize the knowledge she has retained and cultivate the first hand experience she has had with clients towards enhancing customer satisfaction. The key components implemented in our practice to maintain professionalism are generosity, courtesy, respect and comfort.

Our team consists of Ayesha Butt, and when extra assistance is needed, we hire talented, freelance artists as independent contractors (they work as per contract). Euphoria focuses on keeping and maintaining a sincere and honest relationship with not just their clients but also its team members. Euphoria has an efficient, talented, meticulous team of artists. If the team is happy, the results speak for themselves.

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