Euphoria is a Canadian based enterprise. Now, also working internationally. We specialize in providing creative services for Hair, Make-up, Airbrush and Henna Art. Our goal is to ensure full client satisfaction. We focus on building relationships by working with hardworking, talented and friendly artists. Our complimentary services, as little or as big as they may be, create an environment of euphoria for your special day. We offer our clients new and different experiences by ensuring quality of service, professionalism, sincerity, dedication and hard work. We have also had the pleasure of working successfully with international clients for the first time starting summer of 2015! Our number one priority is to see you, our client satisfied, content and without a doubt, picturesque! Our work is complete when you feel complete. Your satisfaction is key to our motto. We will put in those extra hours until we successfully achieve your vision together. We treat our clients with utmost respect and integrity. We assure you, our relationship with you will continue far beyond just your first visit. We hope to satisfy your wants and desires and turn your dreams into reality by using these principles as a guide in achieving the best results.

Meet Me

You can book a free 45 Min consultation to discuss and share your ideas, themes, looks and details for your big day! If we decide to coordinate further, we can then proceed to a trial.


We offer a vast variety of services in Hair Styling, Make-up, Airbrush, Henna, Hair Cutting, Coloring, and even henna inspired designs for products. We can accommodate services as per your needs.

Book a Trial!

When you book a trail, we work on your potential looks for hair and makeup. We take notes to make your special day as perfect as envisioned. A trail is roughly 2 hrs long. We encourage you to book 3 hrs of your schedule.

Call today and book an appointment :)